Virtual Physiotherapy with My Toronto Physio

What is Virtual Physiotherapy?

The delivery of our usual physiotherapy services to our patients via computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone instead of in-person at our clinics.

What can you do in a Virtual Appointment?

  • Discuss your symptoms, get educated about your injury and receive recommendations on how to relieve pain or discomfort
  • Have your movements analyzed via video and get live feedback and strategies to improve your strength and range of motion. Your therapist will demonstrate stretches and exercises via video
  • Review your home exercise program or have a new exercise program created specifically for your home environment
  • Have an ergonomic assessment of your home workstation, which may be a new reality for many of us

How does Virtual Physiotherapy work?

Let your therapist know that you’re interested in a virtual physiotherapy appointment, and they will schedule you in at a convenient time. You’ll receive an email with simple instructions about how to join the session from your smartphone (iPhone or Android), tablet (iPad, etc.), laptop, or desktop computer.

Is it covered by insurance?

It depends, please check with your benefits provider. There may also be new announcements about virtual care coverage over the next few weeks as organizations adapt to these circumstances, so ask them to keep you posted. The Trilogy and East Toronto Orthopaedic teams are happy to be able to offer virtual physiotherapy so our patients can continue to receive our physiotherapy services while avoiding unnecessary travel and practicing social distancing during this difficult time. Contact us to book a virtual care appointment with one of our physiotherapists.