Custom Products

Your pain and injuries are unique, and your support products should be, too. Heal better and faster with one of our custom products.

Custom Bracing

Custom Bracing – Don Joy

Are you an active senior, weekend warrior or athlete with previous injury or surgery to the ligaments of your knee, or have had a hyperextension or meniscus injury and want additional support to your... Read More
Custom Hand Splints

Custom Hand Splints

Custom hand splints are moulded to specifically fit you and your condition by our consultant occupational therapist. Read More
Custom Foot Orthotics

Custom Orthotics

A foot orthotic is an apparatus that is inserted into your footwear to provide support. Read More
Therapy Supplies

Therapy Supplies

Our clinics carry a selection of useful therapy products for sale, such as off the shelf braces, exercise therapy products and taping supplies To find out more about how a therapy supply can help... Read More