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Nutrition for Running

Nutrition for Running

Posted by on 01-11-2019

Melissa Murray, RD CDE

October is a prime month for races. You’ve worked hard training all summer, and now want to
ensure your nutrition is on point for race day! The right balance of nutrition is an important
contribution to how you feel during a run as well as in recovery after. The guidelines below will
help to keep you feeling your best on your runs and races!

- Carbohydrates & water are the most important macronutrients prior to a run, as this is
the main fuel source for your muscles (bread, crackers, fruit, granola bar).
- Keep it low in fibre & fat, so that it’s easier on your digestive system. Include some
easy-to-digest protein to keep you full (hummus, peanut butter, yogurt, etc).
- Aim to have a meal 3-4 hours before or a snack 30-60minutes before your run.

During a Run:
- For runs under an hour, all you need is water. Have 3-4 sips every 15-20mins.
- Runs lasting an hour or longer, fuel is beneficial (gels, chews, or natural) to keep your
muscles supplied with energy and replace your electrolytes. A good rule of thumb is a
gel every 40-45mins.
- Some people find gels containing ginger easier on the stomach (found in some maple
gels) or relying on sports drink to re-fuel. Your muscles need about 30gm of
carbohydrate per hour of activity (roughly the amount in 1 gel).

Post Run:
- Optimal recovery occurs when refuelling within an hour after your run.
- Aim to have protein + carbohydrates at this time to replace what you’ve lost + help with
muscle recovery & repair.
- Some people find it easier to start with a liquid (ie. smoothie) as the circulation may not
be back to your digestive tract yet.

Tips for Race Day:
- Practice whatever you want to do on race day in your long training runs, even down to
the flavour of Gatorade offered in the race (if you plan to use it). Do not try anything new!
- Consider the timing of your breakfast before the race compared to long runs. You may
want to bring a banana, crackers or an extra gel with you to top up before the race starts.
- Don’t forget to refuel within an hour after the race, and celebrate!!

Interested in learning more about fuelling your body prior to or during activity? Visit Melissa at
Trilogy Physio, West Toronto location (416-232-2343) or follow her @healthy_me.l

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Bryce Lee
Bryce Lee
13 September 2023
Adam was super. Always positive and very encouraging thru my rehab.
Marcello Sapienza
Marcello Sapienza
10 August 2023
Excellent service . I highly recommend this clinic. Teresa the receptionist is very helpful and nice . Adam is a knowledgeable physiotherapist. And Fatima is a very good acupuncturist .
Samantha Duncan
Samantha Duncan
25 July 2023
Excellent experience with Adam - thorough and very personable.
Kristin Patterson
Kristin Patterson
26 June 2023
Marshall was very helpful and professional and worked with me on a very painful knee injury. i began a few months ago barely able to bend it or walk up and down stairs and have improved greatly with his program. i am now able to run up and downstairs with no problems and am almost back to 100%. the receptionists are also accommodating and professional and were easily able to process insurance claims, answer questions, and reschedule appts when i was sick or something came up. i was very impressed by my experience here and would recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone looking for a new physio!
Adriano Trapani
Adriano Trapani
13 June 2023
Great experience. I had foot pain that wouldn’t go away so I came here and found so much assistance in regaining my mobility.
Kartik Uppal
Kartik Uppal
8 June 2023
Went to the Pape and Danforth clinic for a massage with Robert. Customer service from initial onset was with Therese. Was very patient with me when it came to form filling and billing. Robert was also extremely good at working on my pain points and being thorough with his explanations. Overall great massage, experience and education!
26 March 2023
Everyone at this clinic is very kind and professional- Would recommend!
Efficient Sense
Efficient Sense
7 January 2023
Trevor is great! He has guided me on my road to recovery. Staff is also friendly and knowledgeable. Nachi is also great!
Lucy Barron
Lucy Barron
5 December 2022
I would highly recommend the services of Trevor - he provided excellent care. I received a thorough assessment and a clear treatment plan. Trevor is knowledgeable, friendly and is a good communicator. The office is well-equipped and Mina at the front desk was always very welcoming.
Sabrina Oliver
Sabrina Oliver
15 November 2022
I have seen Trevor for several different problems over the years and he has always done an amazing job helping me with my recovery. He is knowledgeable in many areas and always happy to answer questions and explain what he is doing. He is thorough with assessment and treatment so you always feel like you are in good hands. He is also very honest and won't push you to keep coming if he doesn't feel you need it. Mina at the front desk is really welcoming and the clinic is very clean and comfortable. Overall a great physio experience and would highly recommend to anyone!